I made this dress for my daughter’s birthday which was on feb 5th. Actually I thought to kick-start this blog on that day, but nothing worked out. Last 2 weeks were like hell, or even more than that… I and my kids, all of us were sick … But since it was her birthday she had to wear a new dress…rite…? And I’m happy that I sewed a dress for her. Does it look good ?


                                          It actually gives me a lot of pleasure when I see hana wearing a dress that I’ve sewed. Well, now to the point, this dress is ofcourse not my design. I saw this dress somewhere on the internet and immediately took a note of it. This dress has got a black velvet bodice, a black net for skirt portion and a coloured satin inner skirt portion.


                                       I bought the necessary fabrics a week prior to her birthday. The outer fabric, black embroidered net costs rs.245/metre and that pinkish satin on the inside cost me about rs.69. the black velvet used for the bodice is from my stash. Altogether this dress costs about rs.315 plus plenty of my time. Do u think it was a good deal? Was the dress worth it? Would love to hear from you.