Obsessed with sewing… Yeah really. When I started sewing, I never thought I would be obsessed with it. It has completely got into my nerves. There are lots of cute dress ideas popping in my mind, but I know it’ll take a lot of time to shape up.


                         Re-fashioning…. Yes, refashioning is one of favourite hobbies. We all have dresses that we might’ve worn only a few times or maybe worn a million times (but the dress is still in good condition). We wouldn’t like to lose our favourite dress in any way, would you? What I do is, I try to refashion it for my daughter. She is such a sweetheart that she wears, whatever I ask her to wear.


                             This is a dress that I wore only once. I loved the print but I didn’t like the shape of the dress. To be more precise, it didn’t suit me at all. But since I liked the print, I didn’t want to give it away either. So I made a full skirt out of it for hana. She loved it and even I loved the way it turned out. Everyone appreciated me for my attempt and I was just so HAPPY.




                           Since it’s a skirt, it definitely needs to have a top. And luckily I had a matching fabric in hand and made a pin-tucked top to go with the skirt. Hope you all liked my attempt. Would love to hear from you.







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