I don’t know why, but I love this dress. Maybe because of it’s chocolaty colour or maybe it’s the cool polka dots. Whatever it is, I just LOVE it. This dress is made out of a soft satin fabric. Luckily I got this fabric at a very cheap rate.

                               And did you guys notice that wobbly collar, that’s my first attempt at peter pan collar. I know it’s not perfect, but I guess it’s not that bad for a first try. After all the fabric was such that I couldn’t get hold of it as I wanted.


                               This is a basic bodice attached to a circle frock. My girl loves twirly dresses, and she demands this particular dress for most of the occasions. SHE HAPPY, that means ME HAPPY.

                               As you all would agree, hemming a circle skirt is very difficult. Atleast for me it is. So I did a rolled hem for this frock. It was so easy and moreover it goes well with this flowy fabric.


Linking this to nap time crafters audition


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