Wow…I’m happy… I’m happy the way this dress has shaped up… I’ve been wishing to make this one for a long long time, but time and fear didn’t permit me to…. Finally I tried hard to conquer my fear and made use of every bit of time I got. Afterall ‘time’ n tide waits for none…


                                     As I said earlier that my girl loves twirly dresses, I had to make this super twirly dress for her. The yoke portion is made out of a brocade type of fabric and the skirt portion is made of soft net fabric with satin lining. The skirt is basically a paneled skirt, which is easy to make. The fabric used for the border is a kind of silk material.


                                     This dress was actually not that hard to make, but the portion that I thought would be the most easiest, turned out to be the toughest part. Arggh…the border, it took the life out of me. But somehow or the other I had to complete this dress. And after a lot of seam ripping and adjustments, this dress is finally done.


Now hana is eagerly waiting for an occasion to wear it. She is waiting to twirl.
 photo blogbutton_zpsb1fa0f6d.jpg     


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