Last year I had a baby girl, which is my third child, and the time just flew. My elder girl is in second standard and my boy will start school this year, hopefully…InShaAllah… Life becomes sooo busy with tiny tots around. I feel like yesterday that I’ve given birth to Hamna and tomorrow she’s turning 1. That’s just my thought. Officially she’ll turn 1 on Feb 3rd. Sewing is my hobby. So whenever i get a little time, I sit over to sew. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve sewn last year…



This one is for my soon to be 8 years old daughter hana. She loves full length twirly dresses and I love to make dresses for her.


I have done ruffles at the bottom and piping details all over the front opening and edges of the waist belt.


This is a light weight chiffon fabric. She has worn black inner and leggings underneath.


There are a few more dresses that I’ve sewn last year. I will be showcasing it in another post.


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