Hi all….  It’s  just  3  months  back  that   I  started  a  food  blog   and  here  I’m  with  a  yet  another blog, My Sewing Studio, my second venture. It’s true that I’m not a cooking expert and it’s just my hobby. That’s the case with my sewing as well. I’m just a beginner. It’s just recently that I’ve attended a two weeks class on basics of sewing. My mom used to be an intermediate seamstress for so many years, but I never tried to learn anything from her. I thought it was not my cup of tea. Years passed by. I got married and after a couple of years a daughter was born. We named her Hana Fathima.

One fine day, I had a feeling in my mind. I wish I had learned sewing, I could’ve made varieties of dresses for hana. Days and months passed by and my wish to learn sewing also started to grow with me. Recently I decided, it’s never too late and joined a full course of sewing. But alas…I could go only for 2 weeks. Lack of time is the main reason behind it. But now, after a lot of googling and with lots of detailed tutorials on the internet, I’ve started to make pretty decent dresses for my daughter (already feeling like a fashion designer within…hahha…)And now that I have a boy (Sayyed Muhammed)as well, I need to learn how to make boys clothes as well.

I think this is the best place to showcase my sewing experience…..ahh…experiment would be the right word. Thanks for stopping by… until next time….

Happy Sewing……


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