I don’t know why, but I love this dress. Maybe because of it’s chocolaty colour or maybe it’s the cool polka dots. Whatever it is, I just LOVE it. This dress is made out of a soft satin fabric. Luckily I got this fabric at a very cheap rate.

                               And did you guys notice that wobbly collar, that’s my first attempt at peter pan collar. I know it’s not perfect, but I guess it’s not that bad for a first try. After all the fabric was such that I couldn’t get hold of it as I wanted.


                               This is a basic bodice attached to a circle frock. My girl loves twirly dresses, and she demands this particular dress for most of the occasions. SHE HAPPY, that means ME HAPPY.

                               As you all would agree, hemming a circle skirt is very difficult. Atleast for me it is. So I did a rolled hem for this frock. It was so easy and moreover it goes well with this flowy fabric.


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                  Obsessed with sewing… Yeah really. When I started sewing, I never thought I would be obsessed with it. It has completely got into my nerves. There are lots of cute dress ideas popping in my mind, but I know it’ll take a lot of time to shape up.


                         Re-fashioning…. Yes, refashioning is one of favourite hobbies. We all have dresses that we might’ve worn only a few times or maybe worn a million times (but the dress is still in good condition). We wouldn’t like to lose our favourite dress in any way, would you? What I do is, I try to refashion it for my daughter. She is such a sweetheart that she wears, whatever I ask her to wear.


                             This is a dress that I wore only once. I loved the print but I didn’t like the shape of the dress. To be more precise, it didn’t suit me at all. But since I liked the print, I didn’t want to give it away either. So I made a full skirt out of it for hana. She loved it and even I loved the way it turned out. Everyone appreciated me for my attempt and I was just so HAPPY.




                           Since it’s a skirt, it definitely needs to have a top. And luckily I had a matching fabric in hand and made a pin-tucked top to go with the skirt. Hope you all liked my attempt. Would love to hear from you.








                                     I made this dress for my daughter’s birthday which was on feb 5th. Actually I thought to kick-start this blog on that day, but nothing worked out. Last 2 weeks were like hell, or even more than that… I and my kids, all of us were sick … But since it was her birthday she had to wear a new dress…rite…? And I’m happy that I sewed a dress for her. Does it look good ?


                                          It actually gives me a lot of pleasure when I see hana wearing a dress that I’ve sewed. Well, now to the point, this dress is ofcourse not my design. I saw this dress somewhere on the internet and immediately took a note of it. This dress has got a black velvet bodice, a black net for skirt portion and a coloured satin inner skirt portion.


                                       I bought the necessary fabrics a week prior to her birthday. The outer fabric, black embroidered net costs rs.245/metre and that pinkish satin on the inside cost me about rs.69. the black velvet used for the bodice is from my stash. Altogether this dress costs about rs.315 plus plenty of my time. Do u think it was a good deal? Was the dress worth it? Would love to hear from you.