The Holy month Ramadan is here. We all are blessed to witness this Ramadan. So please utilize the benefits of this month to the maximum by increasing our Ibadah. May Allah accept all our worships and duaa. Please include me and my family in your valuable duaa…

Recently I had my third baby… Recent means Feb 3rd… Her name is Hamna Fathima. My eldest daughter Hana Fathima’s birthday falls on Feb 5th. I wished if Hamna came 2 days later, both my girls would’ve been sharing the same birth date 🙂 …but there’s nothing we could do about it… Allah plans everything for good.

Hana and my son Muhammed was born in India. I wanted to deliver Hamna here in Dubai. But as I said earlier, Allah plans everything and everything for good. At the last moment I had to change my plans and had to go to India for delivery. Since Hana was going to school and the final exams were soon to commence, I couldn’t take her with me to India. That departure from the airport was the most heart-breaking moment for me. That was in the 3rd week of January. Daily she used to call and cry. Even now when I think of that, tears jerk from my eyes.

Do you know why I shared this long story?…I will tell… Ever since I started sewing, Hana wore only dresses sewn by me for her birthdays. And her birthday falls on February. Me in India and she in Dubai. I decided to make a dress for her birthday and send it to her. Luckily one of our relatives was travelling to dubai at that time. So, within 2 days I bought the fabrics and whipped up a dress for my angel. And that is this Blue Fairy Dress. Hope you guys liked it.

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                                I don’t know why, but I love this dress. Maybe because of it’s chocolaty colour or maybe it’s the cool polka dots. Whatever it is, I just LOVE it. This dress is made out of a soft satin fabric. Luckily I got this fabric at a very cheap rate.

                               And did you guys notice that wobbly collar, that’s my first attempt at peter pan collar. I know it’s not perfect, but I guess it’s not that bad for a first try. After all the fabric was such that I couldn’t get hold of it as I wanted.


                               This is a basic bodice attached to a circle frock. My girl loves twirly dresses, and she demands this particular dress for most of the occasions. SHE HAPPY, that means ME HAPPY.

                               As you all would agree, hemming a circle skirt is very difficult. Atleast for me it is. So I did a rolled hem for this frock. It was so easy and moreover it goes well with this flowy fabric.


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