Ever since I learned the basics of sewing, I wanted to know more and more about sewing, I wanted to learn new techniques, I wanted to learn how to give a clean finish on the inside and outside of the garment. So for this, I relied on the world-wide web and it didn’t disappoint me. I was amazed to discover a whole lot of sewing blogs, with loads n loads of tips n tutorials. It just changed my world. And it’s through such blogs that I came to know that something called dress patterns existed. That was completely new to me. In our place, we are taught to mark directly onto the fabric and cut. We just grab a dress that fits us, measure it, mark it onto the fabric and start cutting. The chances are high of a hit or a miss for beginners like me. A complete case of 50:50.
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  Hello Friends…

               Howz everyone doin’? I don’t even remember when was my last visit in here. Well…I really regret the fact that I don’t get time for anything… Anything in the sense..EVERYTHING… Finally I decided today is the day for my re-entry. IT’S NOW OR NEVER 🙂

               My Hana loves 2 types of dresses. One is maxi and the other one being twirly. So this time it’s a maxi dress. I just looove the floral fabric that I’ve used. This fabric had been lying in my stash for over a yer now. I wasn’t quite sure what to make with it. Recently when I was walking through a store I saw a dress in floral print and I immediately decided to do this.


               Some of my friends were asking for the measurement. So, here I’ve done a rough draft of it. Well, I really don’t know how to explain the procedure accurately because I’m in no way an expert. But if you have any doubt, I’ll try to explain at my level best.


The actual chest measurement of my daughter is 22 inches. I took extra inches so that I could do an elastic casing at the back bodice. This will give a good fit.

Here in the bodice I’ve done an extra layer with length shortened. And it’s cut on the bias and did a rolled hem.

               Please don’t ask me anything about the blazer. I just winged it and I’m not at all happy with the result. Although it look’s ok while worn, it’s not at all ok. It was my first time working with knits and I’ve never imagined it to be this tough. Well…I need to practice a lot  more with knits…


Hope to see you soon…

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I never thought i would sew in my life, but that happened. And i believe, whatever happens, happens for good. Anyways… I’m a follower of so many sewing blogs out there. And i’m highly influenced by the kind of dresses they make. One such dress is this Petal Dress. Here’s the link for the tutorial of this beautiful dress. This dress looks so pretty that i think every little girl must have this in their collection of dresses. Actually it’s not as hard as i thought it would be to make this dress. But then it takes loads of time and loads of fabric as well.




                                     I made this dress for my daughter’s birthday which was on feb 5th. Actually I thought to kick-start this blog on that day, but nothing worked out. Last 2 weeks were like hell, or even more than that… I and my kids, all of us were sick … But since it was her birthday she had to wear a new dress…rite…? And I’m happy that I sewed a dress for her. Does it look good ?


                                          It actually gives me a lot of pleasure when I see hana wearing a dress that I’ve sewed. Well, now to the point, this dress is ofcourse not my design. I saw this dress somewhere on the internet and immediately took a note of it. This dress has got a black velvet bodice, a black net for skirt portion and a coloured satin inner skirt portion.


                                       I bought the necessary fabrics a week prior to her birthday. The outer fabric, black embroidered net costs rs.245/metre and that pinkish satin on the inside cost me about rs.69. the black velvet used for the bodice is from my stash. Altogether this dress costs about rs.315 plus plenty of my time. Do u think it was a good deal? Was the dress worth it? Would love to hear from you.