Hello Friends…

               Howz everyone doin’? I don’t even remember when was my last visit in here. Well…I really regret the fact that I don’t get time for anything… Anything in the sense..EVERYTHING… Finally I decided today is the day for my re-entry. IT’S NOW OR NEVER 🙂

               My Hana loves 2 types of dresses. One is maxi and the other one being twirly. So this time it’s a maxi dress. I just looove the floral fabric that I’ve used. This fabric had been lying in my stash for over a yer now. I wasn’t quite sure what to make with it. Recently when I was walking through a store I saw a dress in floral print and I immediately decided to do this.


               Some of my friends were asking for the measurement. So, here I’ve done a rough draft of it. Well, I really don’t know how to explain the procedure accurately because I’m in no way an expert. But if you have any doubt, I’ll try to explain at my level best.


The actual chest measurement of my daughter is 22 inches. I took extra inches so that I could do an elastic casing at the back bodice. This will give a good fit.

Here in the bodice I’ve done an extra layer with length shortened. And it’s cut on the bias and did a rolled hem.

               Please don’t ask me anything about the blazer. I just winged it and I’m not at all happy with the result. Although it look’s ok while worn, it’s not at all ok. It was my first time working with knits and I’ve never imagined it to be this tough. Well…I need to practice a lot  more with knits…


Hope to see you soon…

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Aah….months passed by…and my sewing blog has been sitting idol…lamenting y no one is turning towards me…well…first of all a biiig sorry to my blog 🙂

It’s not that i didn’t sew all these months..but was not able to click any pics and post. So here i’m uploaded a simple white skirt that i had sewn for my daughter.


White is the colour of peace. So here i’m restarting my blog peacefully. I’ve made this skirt with exposed seam. And for all those exposed seams, i’ve done a rolled hemming with red thread. I thought of making it fully white. But my mom thought full white would be boring and so i gave a tint of red.

I’ve made this skirt with the help of a new companion in my sewing studio and that is none other that my   Ruffler Foot. Once u figure it out, its very easy to use. But at times its annoying coz my needle comes off  at regular interval. Is it normal ?